Did Jesus Christ Exist?

Often times the question whether Jesus existed or not seems to be a point many laymen and scholars have to contend with. Most Christians will affirm this to be the case, however, this response must go much deeper, and providing accurate and reliable reasons for this conviction is necessary in this day and age. While … Continue reading Did Jesus Christ Exist?

Five Facts for the Resurrection of Jesus

The minimal facts approach seeks and succeeds to undermine the arguments used against the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This approach “considers only the data that are so strongly attested historically that they are granted by nearly every scholar who studies the subject, even the rather skeptical ones.”[1]  Simply put, “They are well evidenced and nearly … Continue reading Five Facts for the Resurrection of Jesus

Evangelizing in a Pluralistic Society

Amidst many different cultures represented by an array of religions around the world, the question whether Jesus is the only way to God, might sound like a faded whisper in some areas.  More alarmingly, it could get one killed in quite a few places by preaching the very notion of it.  Suggesting that Jesus Christ … Continue reading Evangelizing in a Pluralistic Society

Why do people reject the Gospel message?

In our culture, people can be vehemently opposed to the Gospel message, indifferent to it, or welcoming, and several ways in between. When the Gospel is opposed, the New Testament asserts it is because people are suppressing the truth (Romans 1:18-19), who are rebel against the revelation that God exists (vs. 20).  People who are … Continue reading Why do people reject the Gospel message?

The Jesus Myth

 The most radical statement I have heard in the last few years is that Jesus Christ a myth, and His characteristics were borrowed from several ancient religions and myths that existed before and after His time.  “Maurice Casey, professor at Nottingham, has taken on the rather thankless task of refuting recent claims that Jesus never … Continue reading The Jesus Myth