Identifying “All Israel” in Romans 11

Ever since the dawn of the church, tensions regarding the law and grace become the center of attention, and the 21st century church is just as susceptible as the church was in 1st century Rome.  Once a Pharisee (Acts 23:6), the Apostle Paul knew all too well the struggle between the balance of obedience and … Continue reading Identifying “All Israel” in Romans 11

Why Was the New Testament Created?

The Christian life is grounded on the Biblical text. Furthermore, that life is fundamental to the teachings of Jesus Christ and those who declared His message throughout the known world. Bruce M. Metzger says that the term canon “used with reference to the Bible means the collection of books which are received as divinely inspired … Continue reading Why Was the New Testament Created?

The Unknown God

Scripture is relatively vague about whether people who have not heard the gospel will be saved in the afterlife from eternal torment, et. al. “The Bible does not teach that God will judge a person for rejecting Christ if he has not heard of Christ.”[1] In contrast, “the Bible teaches clearly that God’s judgment is … Continue reading The Unknown God

The Narrative and Apocalyptic Styles of Daniel 3:25 and 7:13

The Book of Daniel is replete with both narrative and apocalyptic passages, and how they relate to the overall message of Daniel will inevitably connect to the soteriological framework of the Biblical message. Daniel, a Jewish exile in Babylon who was elevated to positions under governments like Nebuchadnezzar’s and Darius the Mede, chronicled his ascension … Continue reading The Narrative and Apocalyptic Styles of Daniel 3:25 and 7:13

The Egyptian Book of the Dead and Psalm 8

Because of cultural proximity, thematic or etymological overlap is bound to occur in ancient literature.  Yet, at the same time, overlap is textual evidence in ancient polemics too.  Nevertheless, Israelite monotheism stands in stark contrast to neighboring religious cultures, whether it had borrowed, was drawn from, or had argued against the ultimate source of morality, … Continue reading The Egyptian Book of the Dead and Psalm 8