Papal Libertarianism and the Crusades

Often times the Crusades are peripherally summated to be in stark contrast to Christianity’s theological paradigm. The command to love one’s neighbor can be ascertained as a direct interruption of this principle ideology, however, for the Christian plight against Islam and its encroachment upon the Holy Land of Israel, and likewise various city states throughout … Continue reading Papal Libertarianism and the Crusades

The Greater Good

The circumstances to whether one should be tortured or not for the sake of the greater good is something that could weigh heavily on anyone’s mind. Under the utilitarian view, the best decision would be to torture the terrorist. This is justifiable under this view because torturing the terrorist would inevitably yield crucial information benefiting … Continue reading The Greater Good

Religious Themes in Ancient Art

Art allows the past the capacity to tell a story for those in the future.  Those stories give the audience a bird’s eye view into an ancient culture, deepening one’s understanding of it.  In the ancient world, people created art to highlight their cultural activities, in which religion played a very important part in defining … Continue reading Religious Themes in Ancient Art

The Christian’s Role in Cultural Change

As the ebb and flow of cultures change, the role of the Christian should remain constant.  To proclaim the good news to the nations about the risen Christ.  But how does the presence of the Christian outwardly affect a culture that changes rapidly in polarized environments where Christian identity is often convoluted with political ideology?  … Continue reading The Christian’s Role in Cultural Change

The Virtuous Life

Virtuous behavior is intrinsic to what is morally good, and in antiquity, the dichotomy between the virtuous life for Christian and stoic cultures differ fundamentally. For stoicism, virtuous behavior provided an existential reward through the lens of oneself or others. Christianity contributed to pragmatic piety and veneration of One true God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, … Continue reading The Virtuous Life