The Greater Good

The circumstances to whether one should be tortured or not for the sake of the greater good is something that could weigh heavily on anyone’s mind. Under the utilitarian view, the best decision would be to torture the terrorist. This is justifiable under this view because torturing the terrorist would inevitably yield crucial information benefiting … Continue reading The Greater Good

The Unknown God

Scripture is relatively vague about whether people who have not heard the gospel will be saved in the afterlife from eternal torment, et. al. “The Bible does not teach that God will judge a person for rejecting Christ if he has not heard of Christ.”[1] In contrast, “the Bible teaches clearly that God’s judgment is … Continue reading The Unknown God

Religious Themes in Ancient Art

Art allows the past the capacity to tell a story for those in the future.  Those stories give the audience a bird’s eye view into an ancient culture, deepening one’s understanding of it.  In the ancient world, people created art to highlight their cultural activities, in which religion played a very important part in defining … Continue reading Religious Themes in Ancient Art

The Narrative and Apocalyptic Styles of Daniel 3:25 and 7:13

The Book of Daniel is replete with both narrative and apocalyptic passages, and how they relate to the overall message of Daniel will inevitably connect to the soteriological framework of the Biblical message. Daniel, a Jewish exile in Babylon who was elevated to positions under governments like Nebuchadnezzar’s and Darius the Mede, chronicled his ascension … Continue reading The Narrative and Apocalyptic Styles of Daniel 3:25 and 7:13

The Christian’s Role in Cultural Change

As the ebb and flow of cultures change, the role of the Christian should remain constant.  To proclaim the good news to the nations about the risen Christ.  But how does the presence of the Christian outwardly affect a culture that changes rapidly in polarized environments where Christian identity is often convoluted with political ideology?  … Continue reading The Christian’s Role in Cultural Change