Did Jesus Christ Exist?

Often times the question whether Jesus existed or not seems to be a point many laymen and scholars have to contend with. Most Christians will affirm this to be the case, however, this response must go much deeper, and providing accurate and reliable reasons for this conviction is necessary in this day and age. While … Continue reading Did Jesus Christ Exist?

Identifying “All Israel” in Romans 11

Ever since the dawn of the church, tensions regarding the law and grace become the center of attention, and the 21st century church is just as susceptible as the church was in 1st century Rome.  Once a Pharisee (Acts 23:6), the Apostle Paul knew all too well the struggle between the balance of obedience and … Continue reading Identifying “All Israel” in Romans 11

The Greater Good

The circumstances to whether one should be tortured or not for the sake of the greater good is something that could weigh heavily on anyone’s mind. Under the utilitarian view, the best decision would be to torture the terrorist. This is justifiable under this view because torturing the terrorist would inevitably yield crucial information benefiting … Continue reading The Greater Good

The Virtuous Life

Virtuous behavior is intrinsic to what is morally good, and in antiquity, the dichotomy between the virtuous life for Christian and stoic cultures differ fundamentally. For stoicism, virtuous behavior provided an existential reward through the lens of oneself or others. Christianity contributed to pragmatic piety and veneration of One true God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, … Continue reading The Virtuous Life